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Happy Mental Health Week May 2nd –8th
May 05, 2022
Happy Mental Health Week May 2nd –8th
This year’s theme is about #GetReal About How to Help and the importance of empathy
Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Choosing to listen, trying your best to understand others’ feelings, experiences, and thoughts, as important as refusing to judge.
Try to reflect on your empathy skills, feasible to learn or improve if you need to. Maybe practice with a friend or a colleague to
- Ask how they are and not the weather
- Be present and pay attention
- Recognize their emotions and accept their interpretations
- Ask questions to gain more understanding and show you are listening
- Be aware of comments that undercut the other person
- Don’t make assumption or try to give advice
- Follow up
Check and follow Canadian Mental Health Association website for practical resources and information