The Health Zone Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic works under a “Primary Care Model”. Primary care means that it is the point of first-contact in the healthcare system. Primary care involves the diagnosis, treatment, and management of health conditions. It also involves health promotion and disease prevention activities to maintain your health or to prevent you from getting sick. Primary care also helps you to be able to access other health care services that you may need, such as coordination among care providers, or referral to specialized services.

Nurse Practitioners (NP) are Registered Nurses (RN) who have done further training in the diagnosis and management of medical conditions. NP’s assess, diagnose, treat and monitor a wide range of health problems. They also provide preventative care, such as baby checks, well woman checkups, family planning, health screening and education. The Nurse Practitioners work with collaborating doctors, as well as many other professionals within the clinic to promote optimal health.

The Registered Nurse (RN) will support your health and well being by doing tasks such as: assessing blood pressure, completing screening tests, providing education, coordinating community resources and giving immunizations or injections. We can give you information or answer questions about your health and well being.