Improve the health equity and well-being of individuals and families.


We provide effective, timely accessible primary health care services for individuals and families who encounter barriers to health or social care.


1. Primary Health Care
We value access to comprehensive patient-centred, inter-professional, primary health care services, including those which emphasize health and wellness promotion and prevention of illness.
2. Strengths-Based Care
We recognize and respect the strengths of our patients and their ability to address health and/or social challenges they may encounter.
3. Patient Diversity
We serve our patients in a non-judgmental, respectful, gender-sensitive, trauma-informed, and culturally safe manner.
4. Collaboration and Partnerships
We collaborate with our patients and community partners to extend resources and enhance services.
5. Innovation, Education and Best Practice
We utilize and encourage creative approaches to service delivery, the development of research and education partnerships, continuous professional development and excellence in primary care that is informed by evidenced based practice.
6. Accountability
We act responsibly and in accordance with professional and clinical standards of practice, use resources effectively and efficiently, adhere to confidentiality standards, measure and report on performance to our board, stakeholders and the Ministry of Health.